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ACCEL Flight Simulation brings you the finest Western-designed simulator technology with all the benefits of customization, manufacturing and support from China.

Every aircrew member and ground support person needs and deserves first-class training. ACCEL Flight Simulation draws from great capabilities and intellectual property of Collins Aerospace to bring each customer a training solution that meets or exceeds those training needs.

A full flight simulator experience like no other

Your requirements for a full flight simulator are considerable. You want high performance, cost efficiency, flexibility and reliability. You also want to know that your simulator provider understands your unique needs.

With ACCEL, you can leave compromise to everyone else. Our “first choice” customer configuration means you can choose from a range of customizable elements and we will build your full flight simulator exactly the way you want it, often faster than you might expect.

ACCEL Level D full flight simulators for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft platforms offer benefits and features that include:

  • Lowest life-cycle cost – easy upgrade path, no major modifications required
  • High fidelity – meets or exceeds FAA/CAAC Level-D and ICAO 9625 Amendment 3 requirements
  • Largest available standard visual field of view
  • Flexible and easily customizable instructor operating system (IOS) software with embedded EP map and out - the - window view
  • Additional IOS pages – easily customer generated with no recompiling
  • Advanced lesson-planning capabilities
  • Extensive use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts for lower upgrade and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly – low power consumption, electric motion and control loading
  • Reliable and easy to maintain

The best of both worlds

For our customers in China, an ACCEL full flight simulator offers distinctive advantages. Its design is superbly Western. Its exceptional customization, manufacturing and support are deeply rooted in China. Only ACCEL offers a Level-D full flight simulator that complies with the Chinese government's “Manufacturing in China 2025” initiative.

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Marketing Tel: +86 22 5850 3200

Visual system

Best visual presentation in the business.

Our full flight simulator’s proven, advanced image generator and display solutions provide the truest training fidelity available. Currently installed in 75 percent of simulators around the world, the highly reliable system is qualified to meet FAA/EASA/CAAC Level D flight training requirements.

It delivers:

  • Real-world lighting, high scene density and low latency
  • EP®-8100 image generation system for graphically rich visuals, unprecedented realism and superior performance
  • Image generation that complements the stunning 200 x 40 degree Panorama™ display system and next-generation, laser hybrid technology
  • The most extensive and accurate airport and terrain databases, including air fields and airports in China, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world

ACCEL delivers to your pilots a training environment so real, it could only be surpassed by flying the actual aircraft.

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Marketing Tel: +86 22 5850 3200

Avionics Procedures Trainer

High-fidelity aircrew avionics and procedural training at a fraction of the cost

Providing a cost-effective flight training device for pilot and crew transition, familiarization and proficiency training in a full-scale virtual cockpit replica, using simulated or rehosted avionics, and directional flight controls

The procedures trainer aids in the training needs of today’s flight crews, whether for newly purchased aircraft or an avionics upgrade.

It provides a lower-cost solution to recurring and initial training needs by avionics and cockpit familiarization, differences training, crew resource management, avionics procedures training and basic flight operation.

Using actual avionics software that matches the fidelity and performance of the avionics in operation, the procedures trainer also provides an intuitive graphical user interface in a cost-effective platform. This enables switching between cockpit flight decks or adding hardware functionality such as an out-the-window visual.

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Marketing Tel: +86 22 5850 3200

CORE™ simulation architecture

ACCEL leverages the experience and proven technology of Collins Aerospace to provide CORE™ simulation architecture. The architecture benefits users in a number of areas, spanning from new aviation product development through simulation and training products.

The CORE simulation architecture provides value through:

  • A modular, scalable and open architecture that can used in everything from early stage prototyping and product development to the creation of esktop and high-fidelity training environments, where it connects both live and virtual resources across networks
  • Simplified collaboration through efficient hardware and software resource management and optimized resource utilization
  • Maximized software re-use during product design and integration that seamlessly extends into training system development
  • A mature environment with a proven track record supporting both simulation and platform development, while providing over 99 percent availability

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Marketing Tel: +86 22 5850 3200