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First Made in China 737 MAX FFS Passed Interim Level C Certification

Tianjin, China, May 12th - The first “Made in China” 737 MAX Full Flight Simulator (FFS) developed and manufactured by ACCEL Flight Simulation (ACCEL) passed Interim Level C certification by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

The return to service of the 737 MAX aircraft has attracted much attention. The Interim Level C is currently the highest level CAAC can approve for the 737 MAX FFS. This FFS uses the Level D qualified data package authorized by Boeing. With the progress of the 737 MAX aircraft return to service, ACCEL is ready to conduct Level D certification at any time, and will fully cooperate with CAAC to ensure flight safety and provide customers with world-class training performance.

The 737 NG, A320ceo, and A320neo FFSs developed and manufactured by ACCEL have successively passed Level D certification by CAAC and have been delivered to customers for training. The certification of this 737 MAX FFS further consolidates ACCEL’s leading position in the flight simulation industry in China. So far, ACCEL is the only China indigenous training device manufacturer that has designed, certified, and delivered Level D FFSs for both Boeing and Airbus mainstream aircraft platforms.

In the future, ACCEL is committed to continuing to offer industry-leading technology, products, and services for more civil aircraft platforms relying on excellent quality assurance and high-quality service solutions.

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