InformationDomestic A320neo FFS Passed Level D Certification

Domestic A320neo FFS Passed Level D Certification

Recently, ACCEL (Tianjin) Flight Simulation System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ACCEL) and Zhuhai Xiangyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangyi Company) jointly developed the A320neo full motion flight simulator, which has successfully passed the D-level certification of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. This is not only the first highly customized product developed based on the characteristics of Chinese pilot training, but also the first fully motion flight simulator jointly designed, developed, manufactured, and certified by simulator manufacturers and operators.

During the development process of this simulator, both parties fully utilized their respective advantages, integrating ACCEL strong CSF simulation architecture and simulator development technology accumulation, as well as Xiangyi Company's rich experience in flight training and data simulation. Combined with China's unique training needs, they designed and developed a new generation of human-computer interaction application systems, including instructor control consoles, next-generation evaluation systems, diagnostic systems, and multi thunderstorm weather environment simulations. During nearly three months and hundreds of hours of high standard flight testing by the senior pilot team, the development team also tracked and processed over 600 test failures, laying a solid foundation for the simulator to pass the D-level certification smoothly.

A group photo of the on-site team of Ansheng Company's Zhuhai Xiangyi Project

A group photo of the on-site team of ACCEL Zhuhai Xiangyi Project

As a leading enterprise in the industry, ACCEL has developed and delivered multiple D-class full motion flight simulators in recent years, forming a leading domestic full motion flight simulator system integration research and mass production capacity. With advanced research and development manufacturing systems and strong simulation design and industrial practice experience, based on the CSF simulation platform, complete hardware structure design, electrical design, software simulation of aircraft subsystems, and assembly and debugging of simulators; Adhering to the pragmatic corporate values, Xiangyi Company, a leading enterprise in the field of flight training and data simulation, has accumulated rich experience and technology in the field of flight training and data simulation, empowered the team, and completed EBT scene training, auxiliary accident investigation functions, and software system performance tuning. During the project process, the Ansheng team was brave enough to take on responsibilities and put customers first. They overcame the numerous difficulties of off-site development and completed the development of the simulator with high standards and quality despite the long and difficult project cycle.

As a leading enterprise in the field of simulator development and flight training,ACCEL and Xiangyi Company have jointly developed a simulator that has passed the D-level certification of the bureau, exploring an efficient and feasible path for cooperation between private enterprises and central enterprises in the field of high-end equipment research and development. It is a model of deep cooperation between 142 training centers and simulator manufacturers. Next, ACCEL and Xiangyi Company will fully implement the development requirements of "technology led and innovation driven" in the Civil Aviation Administration's "14th Five Year Plan", continuously strengthen cooperation, and strive to promote the construction of PLM system, strengthen research in flight simulation technology, EBT, CRM and other flight training fields, promote the effective integration of full motion flight simulator research and development design and efficient operation, further enhance product competitiveness, and assist the high-quality development of Civil Aviation of China.

Group photo of the bureau and company leaders