InformationACCEL and CAUC Form Strategic Partnership

ACCEL and CAUC Form Strategic Partnership

Tianjin, China (September 12, 2018) – Today ACCEL Flight Simulation (ACCEL) and Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) announced a strategic alliance agreement that allows collaboration between both parties to increase simulator capabilities for training pilots in China as well as providing CAUC access to leading-edge technologies for their teaching and research programs.

This strategic partnership provides a frame work for both CAUC and ACCEL on collaboration in various areas of flight simulation technology and learning. In addition to its advantage of being a localized company, ACCEL will also utilize its expertise in flight simulation to provide CAUC students with professional training on simulation research and development. Through academic communication, CAUC will work together with ACCEL to advance its programs of simulation concept, aviation technology, pilot training skills, and ultimately further improve aviation safety in China.

“This strategic partnership between CAUC and ACCEL not only brings direct benefits to the students at CAUC, but also supports the national strategy of “High Quality Aviation Industry Development” in a real way,” ACCEL General Manager, David Kong said on the signing ceremony. “We at ACCEL feel truly privileged to partner with CAUC, one of the most prestigious aviation universities in China, sharing the same vision of making air travel safer.”

“This is a heavyweight strong alliance” said Prof. Jiankang Dong, President of CAUC. “On one side, ACCEL, as a high-tech simulation system company under Rockwell Collins and Haite which are the famous brands respectively in the world and Asia, represents the new power of China industry; on the other hand, CAUC has deep understanding of the needs and process for training and education. This alliance provides an international platform for the two parties to collaborate and deliver advanced improvements for pilot training and aviation safety”

About CAUC

Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) dates back to September 25, 1951, when it was founded as No.2 Civil Aviation School in Tianjin, administered directly by the Civil Aviation Administration, Central Military Commission of China. On May 30, 2006, the university adopted its present name with the approval of Ministry of Education. Since the school was renamed as a university, the development of science and technology in the university has been in a strong momentum. It has inherited the major and key projects of the National High- tech Research Program (863 Program), as well as significant projects of the National Key Basic Research Development Program (973 Program), the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Key Research and Development Program etc. China Civil Aviation University has two representational national experimental teaching centers, national virtual simulation experimental center, national representational engineering graduates joint training base, nine provincial and ministerial representational experimental teaching centers, two provincial and ministerial virtual simulation experimental centers, and 16 University Students' innovative and entrepreneurial practice bases. Now the university is renowned as the cradle of talents for China’s civil aviation, the Centre of scientific and technological research, as well as the window of cross-cultural communication.

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