InformationACCEL First A320 Full Flight Simulator Passed CAAC Level D Certification and Delivered to Tianjin AST

ACCEL First A320 Full Flight Simulator Passed CAAC Level D Certification and Delivered to Tianjin AST

Tianjin, China, December 13th - The first A320 full flight simulator made by ACCEL Flight Simulation (ACCEL) passed level D certification – the highest level certification from Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and was delivered to Aviation Safety Training (Tianjin) to start training operations.

After having made history in June, 2017 with the first ever “Made in China” level D simulator, a 737 NG FFS, the certification of this A320 FFS is another major milestone increasing ACCEL’s credibility in the market. The A320 FFS passed the certification with one attempt and was highly praised by the inspectors. With this achievement, ACCEL positions itself to provide full flight simulator solutions for civil aircraft platforms for the two largest aviation giants – Boeing and Airbus, establishing ACCEL as the first and only Chinese company currently able to provide both Boeing and Airbus Level D simulators.

ACCEL CAAC certified A320ceo full flight simulator has been developed by utilizing the latest Airbus Data Package, a full Airbus Hardware kit and multiple aircraft avionics equipment to provide the customers the highest fidelity available in the market only surpassed by flying the real aircraft. Complementing this design, ACCEL has integrated the industry leading visual system, Collins EP®-8100, which is the most widely used visual system on full flight simulators in the world.

Mr. David Kong, General Manager of ACCEL, said, “Facing the fast growing aviation training market, ACCEL has been committed to providing full flight simulator products with the best quality, the highest fidelity and reliability for China, Asia and the global market. This A320 full flight simulator has witnessed the dedicated efforts, hard work, and continuous pursuit of perfection by the ACCEL team. It fully reflects ACCEL’s capability of surpassing the highest qualification standards.”

ACCEL will continue making persistent efforts to provide more and better products for aviation training market and promote the stable development of aviation safety.