InformationACCEL showed-up at the 14th China Airshow

ACCEL showed-up at the 14th China Airshow

The 14th China International Aerospace Expo (China Airshow) has successfully concluded on November 13, 2022. During this air show, more than 740 companies from 43 countries and regions participated in the exhibition online and offline. In this high-profile international aerospace event, Accent Corporation, as one of the exhibitors, demonstrated our leading position and dazzling achievements in the development of our own professional field, and reached a number of important contracts.

MoU Signing between Aerofugia and ACCEL

MoU Signing between THALES and HAITE Group

MoU Signing between Zhuhai Flight Training Center and HAITE Group

Publishment of the eVTOL Pilot Training White Paper

The 14th China Airshow gathered applause and cheers, and passion and expectation burst out here. In the future, ACCEL will work hand in hand with various partners to create a higher starting point, create a new platform for sustainable development, seek new momentum for common development, discuss, build, share and coexist, and promote the high-quality development of the aviation industry and provide a better environment for the aviation industry. A strong manufacturing country and a strong civil aviation country make contributions!