ACCEL Welcome Letter

Welcome to ACCEL Flight Simulation!

Located in Central Asia as part of a global strategy, ACCEL always opens its doors to our customers and partners to visit our state-of-the-art Innovation Center and manufacturing facility, and discuss your training needs with our highly experienced engineering and development team no matter how much challenges brought to us. Our mission is to provide you with our proven quality full flight simulators, most cost-effective training solutions, the highest level service, and help you achieve success in your training programs.

As a Collins Aerospace company, ACCEL brings to our customers and partners 86 years of global aviation design, engineering innovation, and customer focused service. It leverages our parent company's technical expertise and intellectual property to transform itself into a global leader in the market of flight simulation training.

I am personally inspired by the hard work and dedication our employees put forth in supporting our mission and strategic objectives. Understanding the training needs of today's global marketplace and the future development trend of aviation industry, I look forward to earning your confidence and trust, and collaborating with you, our most valued customers and partners.

General Manager

David Han